1200-V field stop trench IGBTs offer faster switching performance with improved reliability
Fairchild semiconductor has introduced a series of 1200 V field stop trench IGBTs which target hard-switching industrial applications such as solar inverters, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and welders.

The new IGBT series has been developed to help power engineers achieve better efficiency and reliability in their designs.

The 1200 V field stop IGBT series minimizes conduction losses by having a VCE(SAT) of 1.8 V, which is far lower than that of the previous fast-switching NPT IGBTs. These new devices have one of the lowest VCE(SAT) ratings available in the 1200 V fast-switching IGBT market. The switching losses are low with an EOFF value of under 30 µJ/A. All devices contain a co-packed diode optimized for fast switching.

The 1200 V field stop trench IGBT series also allows designers to operate devices at higher switching frequencies than competitive solutions, helping to reduce the size and cost of the capacitors and inductive components in the circuit. This results in system designs with higher power density, smaller size and lower bill of material costs.

The IGBT series is 100 percent tested for clamped inductive switching at current levels of four times the rated current to guarantee a larger safe operating area (SOA).

The products are available in the smaller TO247 package with 20 mm lead-length, compared to the previous family’s TO264 package, and offer a 15, 25, and 40 A current rating.

Availability and Pricing  

The FGH15T120SMD_F155 – 1200 V/15 A is priced at $3.30 in 1,000 quantity pieces.

The FGH25T120SMD_F155 – 1200 V/25 A is priced at $4.65 in 1,000 quantity pieces.

The FGH40T120SMD_F155 – 1200 V/40 A is priced at $6.30 in 1,000 quantity pieces.

Samples available upon request

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