15 Mbps photocouplers for harsh industrial applications
Renesas has introduced three new 15 Mbps photocouplers that have been developed to withstand the harsh operating environments.

The RV1S9x60A family offers low threshold input current (IFHL) ratings of 2.0mA for the RV1S9160A (SO5), 2.2mA for the RV1S9060A (LSO5), and 3.8mA for the RV1S9960A (LSDIP8).

The low power consumption of the devices means that they suppress power supply heat generation. They also offer high temperature operation of up to 125°C, allowing them to be mounted near the IGBT or MOSFET power device.

The RV1S9x60A photocouplers have high noise tolerance of up to 50 kV/µs (min) for the protection of MCUs and other I/O logic circuits from high voltage spikes while transferring high-speed signals. The family also offers a variety of packages with the smallest footprint for each reinforced isolation (up to 690 Vrms), and minimum creepage distances of 4.2mm to 14.5mm.

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