4500-V IGBT gate driver supports high-power modules from major manufacturers
Amantys has launched a new Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) Gate Driver for high power modules, operating at 4500 V with current ratings from 400 A to 1200 A, designed to support modules from manufacturers including ABB, Dynex, Hitachi, Infineon and Mitsubishi.

The new Amantys IGBT gate driver includes the Amantys Power Insight condition monitoring hardware and software subsystem, to observe and report critical power switching characteristics. Building on the philosophy of ‘Power Simplified by Design’, the Amantys Power Drive is fully integrated and can measure and export critical performance parameters over the existing PWM and fault interface to simplify the design-in process.

The 4.5kV gate drive meets requirements of growing high voltage IGBT market in locomotive, wind turbine, high voltage DC and industrial drive applications.

Steve Evans, VP of Marketing at Amantys said: “With its unique monitoring capabilities, Amantys Power Insight enables customers to observe and tune system performance at each stage of development, as well as through equipment commissioning and into operation. The 4.5 kV Amantys Power Drive extends the benefits of Amantys Power Insight, including the power to enhance system efficiency and reliability, into higher voltage applications.”

Alex Barton, Regional Sales Manager for Amantys in China, commented: “Today’s global launch of the new 4.5kV IGBT Gate Driver in China underlines the importance of the market in the future growth of Amantys. We have also announced a series of new distribution partners in China today, and in conjunction with the Amantys team in Shanghai we will be promoting the industry’s only IGBT Driver to include Amantys Power Insight in 4500 V IGBT Modules.”