650V IGBTs target 1kW small motor drives
Infineon Technologies has launched a new generation of IGBT‘s with a 650 V blocking voltage for small home appliances, industrial sewing machines and general purpose brushless drives in fans and pumps.

The TRENCHSTOP trench and field-stop technology is co-packaged with a soft, fast recovery anti-parallel Rapid 1 diode to reduce losses. The building block for motor drives up to 1 kW is marked by a good thermal performance, especially at higher switching frequencies improving reliability and design margin. Key features of the 650 V TRENCHSTOP IGBT6 are a low V CE(sat) of 1.5V across the voltage range as well as a short-circuit protection capability of 3μs. It is optimised for switching frequencies ranging between 5 kHz and 30 kHz and suitable for applications that need to control the EMI noise efficiently.

The first TRENSTOP IGBT6 deviers handle 8 to 15 A in a TO-220FP package.  Other package types will be introduced 2019. Commercial samples of the 650 V TRENCHSTOP IGBT6 can be ordered now.