650V MOSFET aims at soft switching designs
Infineon Technologies has launched a 650V MOSFET range for resonant topologies in soft-switching applications like telecom, server, solar and off-board EV-charging.

Switch mode power supply designs in industrial applications need high efficiency and power density as well as increased bus voltages. The 650 V CoolMOS CFD7 MOSFET family succeeds the CoolMOS CFD2 and is matched for LLC and zero-voltage-switching phase-shift full-bridge topologies. An integrated fast body diode and improved switching performance with low reverse-recovery charge and improved thermal behaviour provide additional benefitsfor these designs

The key is that the switching losses, as well as RDS(on) dependency over temperature, are significantly reduced over the current CFD2 devices., providing ruggedness in hard commutation designs. An improved gate charge (Q g) and the fast switching performance increases efficiency over the whole load range.

The 650 V CoolMOS CFD7 MOSFET in TO-220, TO-247, and TO-247 4-pin packages can be ordered now. More information is available at  /650V-CFD7.