6W DC-DC provides gate drive for IGBTs, SiC and Si MOSFETs
Murata’s latest MGJ6 series of isolated 6W dual output DC-DC converters is configured to provide the bipolar voltages required for high-side and low-side IGBT, SiC and MOSFET gate drive applications; the MGJ6 series is available now in SIP, DIP and a low profile surface mount package format.

The series comprises combinations of wide input voltages with nominals of 5, 12, or 24 VDC and +15/-5, +15/-10 or +20/-5 VDC outputs. Suitable for low to medium power applications that require a DC link voltage up to 3 kVDC, the asymmetric outputs provide optimum drive levels to maintain a high system efficiency with low EMI levels. With its very low coupling capacitance, typically 15 pF, EMI coupling through the converter is reduced.


The MGJ6 series has a characterized dV/dt immunity of 80 kV/ µsec minimum at 1.6 kV, contributing to reliability in fast switching drive systems. The series also has characterized partial discharge performance, this being crucial to achieving a long service life in high performance applications.


Certification to safety standard UL60950 for reinforced insulation and the medical 3rd edition safety standard ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1 for 2 MOOPs and 2 MOPPs is currently pending. With a creepage and clearance of 8 mm, the MGJ6 will satisfy safety agency requirements for extra high working voltages. Short circuit and overload protection features are standard across the range and a frequency synchronization/enable input pin can simplify EMC filter design.


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