Affected by Apple’s own chips, Intel’s notebook chip share will fall below 80% next year

Intel Corp’s processor market share could drop to a new low next year, in large part because Apple decided to move away from Intel processors in its own Macs and instead use its own Apple Silicon.

Apple announced last year that it would begin a two-year transition period to convert all of its Macs, desktops and laptops to use its own processor, Apple Silicon. Apple is expected to complete the transition next year. Up to now, Apple has used the M1, the first generation of its self-developed processor Apple Silicon, in four Mac computers.

According to Taiwanese media DigiTimes, Intel will lose 50% of its orders from Apple this year, as four Macs already use the M1 and Apple will launch more products using its own processor Apple Silicon in the future, and the future is bound to end. All orders from Apple will be lost. This is undoubtedly bad news for Intel. The industry expects Intel’s processor market share to drop below 80% in 2023.

“Apple’s self-developed processor series based on the Arm architecture is expected to have a major impact on Intel’s processor market share in the coming year.” DigiTimes reported, “Intel is expected to lose nearly 50% of Apple’s market share in 2021. Orders. Ultimately, Intel won’t get any orders from the Cupertino, Calif.-based customer. Sources say the loss of Apple’s order will cost you 10 percent of the market, while AMD’s processor market The share will remain at 10%, and Intel’s share of the laptop market in 2023 may slip to below 80%.”

Intel appears to be aware of the impact of Apple’s own processors, Apple silicon, on its business, and it has launched multiple Mac-specific marketing campaigns touting Intel-powered laptops versus Macs powered by Apple’s own processors. more superior.

According to Bloomberg News, Apple is testing high-end Apple silicon processors with as many as 32 high-performance cores and 128 graphics cores that will be used in a future generation of Macs.

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