AMETEK Solidstate Controls (SCI) has added larger sizes to its standard Digital Process Power (DPP) product suite. The company now produces DPP products in single phase up to 125 kVA and three phase up to 225 kVA. Solidstate Controls’ equipment also is fully expandable and customizable with larger capacity systems, designed to suit end users’ specific needs.

Solidstate Controls’ DPP system is an industry-leading, true on-line, double conversion, digital uninterruptible power supply system designed specifically for industrial applications. DPP utilizes state-of-the-art PWM technology, incorporating high-power IGBT semiconductors, and digital control for enhanced communications, monitoring, control and diagnostics capabilities.

The DPP system is defined by its ease of use when operating. A digital touch screen allows users the ability to easily monitor and configure elements within the system. In addition, the DPP system allows for greater efficiencies to help to reduce overall costs. The system also features an almost instantaneous reaction time, with a MTBF rating of greater than 205,000 Hours. For increased monitoring capabilities, the system also can be configured with optional alarms.