Analysis of ON Semiconductor RSL10 Intelligent Shooting Camera Platform

ON semiconductor has announced the launch of the RSL10 smart camera platform, which combines cloud AI with ultra-low-power image capture and recognition to enable a new generation of IoT endpoints.

The RSL10 smart capture camera platform adds AI-based image recognition capabilities to ultra-low-power IoT endpoints such as surveillance cameras, confined areas, factory automation, smart farming, and smart homes. A companion smartphone app provides the user interface for the platform and acts as a gateway to cloud-based, AI-enabled object recognition services.

The platform brings together several innovations from ON Semiconductor, including the RSL10 SIP, which provides ultra-low energy Bluetooth low energy technology, and the ARX3A0 Mono 65° DFOV IAS module. This module is a compact prototype for developing a compact camera with 360 frames per second (fps) black and white imaging based on the ARX3A0 CMOS image sensor. These technologies, complemented by advanced motion and environmental sensors and power and battery management, provide a complete solution for automatically capturing images and identifying objects within them.


EEWORLD contacted Jia Peng, Marketing Engineer of ON Semiconductor Asia Pacific Solution Center, to conduct an interview on the RSL10 smart camera platform. The following is the interview transcript.

1. Please introduce the development background and development process of the RSL10 intelligent shooting camera platform.

Jia Peng: The RSL10 intelligent shooting camera platform is developed and designed by ON Semiconductor European Solution Center. It is an intelligent shooting platform product based on RSL10 SiP and ARX3A0 ultra-low power camera. Users can learn about or purchase through agents or log in to our official website

Among the top ten strategic development trends in 2020 defined by the well-known research organization Gartner, hyper-automation ranks first. The connotation of hyper-automation lies in the realization of “automatic automation”, and the RSL10 intelligent shooting platform can well reflect this. A variety of environmental sensors, it can provide vision-based artificial intelligence (AI) to realize functions such as automatic object recognition and scene changes.

Typical applications are surveillance cameras, restricted areas, factory automation, smart agriculture, and smart homes.

2. What is the biggest feature of the platform? How can engineers make better use of these features.

Jia Peng: Multi-sensor. Among them, the acceleration sensor, PIR motion sensor and temperature and humidity sensor allow the user to set a startup event/threshold for the camera, and the camera is only activated when needed, thereby greatly reducing power consumption.

·Ultra low power consumption. The RSL10 SiP is the industry’s lowest-power Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) system-on-chip (SoC), the ARX3A0 image sensor also features ultra-low power consumption up to 3.2 mW at startup, and the low power consumption provided by SunplusIT Image processor SPC1100A. Users can choose battery power (with lithium battery charging circuit and management functions) or USB power supply.

High image quality. The ARX3A0 is a black and white image sensor ideal for industrial vision applications. It can achieve a global shutter speed of 360 frames per second, greatly reducing image distortion, while near-infrared technology improves its performance in low light. The size of the ARX3A0 is also very small (55 mm x 65 mm), making it suitable for many applications with small spaces.

cloud service. The platform is matched with the supporting APP provided by us, which allows users to control the camera through the BLE connection platform, and at the same time use the Amazon cloud AI engine to recognize images.

3. This product integrates several products of ON Semiconductor and products from third-party partners. As a component supplier, why should you launch an overall solution?

Jia Peng: The RSL10 smart camera platform is not the first wireless sensor solution provided by our company. As a semiconductor company with tens of thousands of products, ON Semiconductor hopes and has made more users understand our company through the promotion of the overall solution. At the same time, a complete system solution with a friendly and easy-to-operate GUI (Graphical User Interface) can bring the most intuitive user experience. Secondly, as a fully verified product, its software and hardware reference designs can greatly accelerate customer development progress, and these materials are free and open for download. Finally, ON Semiconductor is willing to cooperate with excellent third-party manufacturers to provide the most optimized solutions.

4. How is the flexibility of this product reflected? Whether secondary development can be realized based on this platform to meet more customized needs.

Jia Peng: I personally think that the RSL10 intelligent shooting camera platform is excellent in that it provides an idea for hyper-automation applications: sensor triggering (condition) – shooting (action) – AI recognition – obtaining information. According to different application scenarios, users can carry out secondary development through the design materials freely disclosed by ON Semiconductor. In addition, RSL10 supports firmware over-the-air upgrade (FOTA). The entire firmware upgrade process is based on the high transmission rate and ultra-low power consumption of Bluetooth 5, which is fast and efficient. Users can use the tools and examples provided by the RSL10 software development kit (SDK). Code to develop and generate firmware applications that support FOTA, these tools have been published and available for download in our RSL10 column.

5. Will ON Semiconductor develop more types of product portfolios based on this platform in the future? Includes functions such as sensors, processors, or wireless connectivity.

of course. We are about to release a color version of the smart camera platform. The biggest difference is that the new solution uses the newly released ARX3A0 Color and the overall solution has a smaller size, which can be adapted to more scenes that require image recognition with cloud service providers. .

In 2019, our company launched the first evaluation kit for the Strata design and development platform. Based on the RSL10 SoC, the Strata kit is a cloud-connected development software for evaluating reference designs, evaluation boards and development kits and provides automatic updates. So far, our solution center has launched nearly 10 Strata evaluation kits for different Internet of Things (IoT) markets, such as the multi-sensor control platform, the battery-free Zigbee smart home platform, and the BLE MESH platform launched last year. With Strata, users can more easily evaluate product operation and obtain design information, thereby accelerating their design efficiency.

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