Collaboration harnesses fibre optic solutions for power switching
British power electronics company Amantys has collaborated with industrial fibre optic solutions provider, Avago to implement Amantys Power Insight communications protocol over Avago’s 50 MBd Versatile Link transmitters and receivers to bring improved system information to their users.

As part of the cooperation Avago will develop a Versatile Link solution that aims to benefit from the Amantys Power Insight’s capability to transform the way industrial fibre optics are used in power switching systems.

The collaboration has enabled Amantys to develop technology to expand the data capacity across the Avago Versatile Link. Amantys is already using Avago Versatile Link Fibre Optic transceivers on the company’s IGBT gate drivers to improve system performance, availability and operating life.

Avago and Amantys have also agreed to cooperate in driving Amantys Power Insight forward as a de-facto industry standard.

The collaboration aims to enable developers to make the IGBT driver part of the overall control system and not just a ‘black box’ solution with limited information available about the condition.  Amantys Power Insight using Versatile Link transmitters and receivers will enable developers to benefit from being able to access more detailed information about the condition of the switch during operation.

Collaboration harnesses fibre optic solutions for power switching

The collaboration also allows the system to be adapted during operation using the industry standard fibre optical interface and creates the ability to react to the information harvested from the switch to support development, commissioning and operation.

The development of Power Insight is being driven to bring more intelligence into the power switching process. Armed with information harvested from the heart of the power switching system via Insight developers have the ability to make use of the solution in their control plane to adapt their system during operation to achieve improved performance, availability and product life.