Cost-effective inverter targets low-volume, high-performance e-vehicles
The HPI-450 inverter from British electrification specialist Equipmake is targeting the growing market of low-volume, high-performance electric cars such as hypercars and electrified classics. The system combines low weight with high power density.

Playing a crucial role in the EV powertrain, Equipmake’s HPI-450 inverter converts DC charge from the battery to AC charge to drive the electric motor, also timing switching changes to adjust the frequency of the AC charge to control the speed of the motor, much like a fuel injection and ignition system does in a combustion engine.

With the growth in low volume production of electric sports cars, including all-new hypercars and electrified classic cars from OEMs and start-ups alike, Norfolk, UK based Equipmake has developed the HPI-450 to address a major challenge faced by these manufacturers: equipping their vehicle with an inverter that has ASIL-D functional safety and high performance but comes in on budget too. The background: Hitherto, high performance inverters with ASIL-D functional safety have only really been available from tier 1 suppliers to OEMs at considerable cost. That cost is not viable for low volume runs, so for a manufacturer of niche high performance electric vehicles – and even an OEM looking to do a low volume run of EVs – sourcing the right inverter has been a challenge. With the HPI-450, the Equipmake intends to close this gap.

Engineered and manufactured in the UK, the HPI-450 inverter boasts high power density of 30 kW/kg. Featuring Semikron IGBT modules, the HPI-450 inverter is capable of switching frequencies at up to 20 kHz.

The inverter is available now and can be ordered in production runs of tens of units, right up to thousands.