Didi Hitchhiker launches a new function of “Drop by Colleagues” to facilitate colleagues to help each other travel

Netease Technology News on March 11th, in order to cooperate with the epidemic prevention work and facilitate the mutual assistance and travel of enterprise employees, Didi Shunfeng urgently launched the function of “Drop by Colleagues” to open authorization for enterprises or units in need, and effectively help everyone solve the problems of safety, security and safety in special times. The problem of convenient travel.

Whether it is a self-driving car owner or a passenger, after authorization, they can identify their colleagues on the way through the label in the itinerary list, and invite colleagues to take a ride together. At the same time, in order to better meet the travel needs of users at different times, Didi will extend the service hours for authorized enterprises from 5:00 to 23:00. All enterprise users who meet the requirements of “no safety complaints within one year and pass the night scene study test” can be used.

In addition, Didi Shunfeng has launched a number of epidemic prevention measures to do its best to ensure the safety of both drivers and passengers.

1. Car owners and passengers are required to check in healthily before traveling every day;

2. Car owners and passengers need to wear masks when traveling. If they find that the other party is not wearing a mask, they can cancel the order without responsibility. The platform will also conduct spot checks through AI intelligent identification methods;

3. Establish offline disinfection points in cities where trial operations are opened to provide vehicle owners with free vehicle disinfection services;

4. Provide special insurance for drivers and passengers to fight against the new crown pneumonia, and do a good job in health protection.

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