Discrete IGBTs drop-in to induction heating with price/performance gains
Infineon has added a family of discrete IGBTs that are are cost optimized and specifically meet the demands of low- to mid-price range induction cookers and induction rice cookers.

Induction cooking appliances, Infineon notes, commonly make use of resonant topologies which allow bi-directional current flow. They demand a discrete IGBT that performs best at switching frequencies from 18 to 40 kHz and has low losses.


The RC-E family features an IGBT with monolithically integrated reverse conduction diode for resonant switching. The technology used in RC-E IGBTs is also optimized for low switching and conduction losses. With low E off, V F, R th and V ce(sat) this device claims an industry benchmark in price/performance and ease-of-use.


The devices fulfil all the requirements for soft switching applications and efficiency as well as EMI standards. The RC-E delivers the performance of its predecessors with a more attractive price for lower BoM cost. The RC-E is offered in a standard TO-247 package allowing a drop-in replacement for existing designs. The family will be launched with two devices: 15A and 25A, both with the most commonly used blocking voltage of 1200 V.