Eight high voltage IGBT modules reduce inverter size
Mitsubishi Electric has developed eight new X-Series HV IGBT modules in three classes of 3.3kV, 4.5kV and 6.5kV for smaller inverters in traction motors, DC-power transmitters and large industrial machinery.

The X-Series HV IGBT module use a seventh-generation insulated gate bipolar Transistor (IGBT) and relaxed field of cathode (RFC) diode that reduce power losses by 20%. The new modules cover 3.3kV modules (one 1200A and two 1800A models), three 4.5kV modules (900A, 1350A and 1500A models) and two 6.5kV modules (600A and 900A models)

Two of the modules offer industry-leading power capacity ratings — 1800A in the 3.3kV module and 1500A in the 4.5kV module.

The package size is 33% smaller than its predecessor for the same voltage and current ratings for smaller inverter designs, while the 150 °C operating temperature enables a simplified cooling system to reduce the inverter size further. The chip package also has a new internal structure that provides longer lifetime through improved heat dissipation, moisture resistance and flame retardance.

Eight high voltage IGBT modules reduce inverter size

The modules will start shipping from September 2017.