Energy, Mobility, and the Cloud provide key opportunities for power-management solutions
EE Times Europe Power Management’s editor, Paul Buckley interviews Vijay Ullal,the President and Chief Operating Officer of Fairchild semiconductor, who joined Fairchild semiconductor in September 2012. After a year in the post we discover how he sees Fairchild developing.

eeNews Europe: In your first year as COO at Fairchild what aspects of the business do you think you have made progress with and where do you think you need to improve for the future?

Vijay Ullal: In our first year, the focus has been on operational efficiency and technology development. Our quality, reliability and flexibility of our supply chain have improved significantly. Our technology cycles of learning per year have improved dramatically. I am excited by the strong foundation we have built for new product development. In our second year, we will build on this foundation by improving the effectiveness of our sales and marketing as well as fine-tuning our new product development machine. In particular, we will leverage our strength in discretes to provide complete power management solutions.

eeNews Europe: What do you think will be the three major technology trends of 2014 and how will they impact Fairchild?

Vijay Ullal: We see a tremendous opportunity for us in the next decade in the megatrends of Energy, Mobility, and the Cloud.. Within each of these megatrends, we will excel at providing high-efficiency power-management and power-delivery solutions in industrial, mobility, automotive and clean energy. In the industrial markets, we see an acceleration of the trend towards complete system in a package. In Mobile, we will continue to see a transition from building-block products to niche analog systems on a chip. For the Cloud, there is a need for power-delivery solutions for data centers and ultra-low power networked wireless sensors for IoT applications.

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