Failsafe chip varistors for automotive battery lines
TDK has launched a range of Open Mode chip varistors for Electronic automotive assemblies that are directly connected to the battery.

The new chip varistors offer reliable protection against transient surge voltages according to ISO 7637-2, and meet the failsafe requirements according to the VW standard VW 80808. Even when subject to excessive bending stress, short-circuits are avoided, which is particularly important for unswitched battery terminals.

The new surge protection components are designed for an operating voltage of 14 V RMS or a maximum direct voltage of 16 V DC. The three types of the B725*0G1140S862 series are designed for surge currents of 120 A, 200 A and 400 A, with each 8/20 µs. Depending on the surge current capability, the chip varistors are available in sizes EIA 0805, 1206 and 1210, and are suitable for a wide temperature range of -55°C to +150°C.

Type Ordering
Operating voltage, max. [V] Surge current, max. (8/20 µs) [A] Terminal voltage
CT0805S14BAUTOGOM_G B72510G1140S862 14 16 120 42
CT1206S14BAUTOGOM_G B72520G1140S862 14 16 200 40
CT1210S14BAUTOGOM_G B72530G1140S862 14 16 400 40