Graphcore and Digital China form partnership to prepare for explosive growth

April 21, Beijing——Graphcore and Digital China Group signed a cooperation agreement in Beijing today, and Digital China officially became the general agent of Graphcore in China. The two parties are cooperating on the development of a sales channel network in China, so that Chinese commercial customers and innovators can more conveniently and quickly obtain the IPU system, as well as supporting local AI expert services and engineering support.

According to the IDC report, from 2019 to 2024, the compound annual growth rate of China’s artificial intelligence market will be as high as 30.4%. Among the three elements of artificial intelligence, the AI ​​computing power represented by Graphcore’s IPU system is becoming a key element driving the development of AI industrialization and industrial AI. The partnership between Graphcore and Digital China will accelerate the application of IPU technology in various AI fields such as cloud and data centers, Internet, finance, medical and life sciences, automobiles, education, and smart retail, helping innovators explore new machine intelligence boundaries .

Wu Hao, Vice President of Digital China Group, said: “We are honored to be the general agent of Graphcore in China, assisting Graphcore in deepening China’s three-dimensional distribution channel network. Through IPU technology, Graphcore is setting off a wave of the third computer revolution globally and in China. , Cloud and data centers are being reshaped by IPU. We believe that Graphcore has immeasurable potential in the Chinese market and is about to usher in explosive growth. Through the distribution channel network jointly built with Graphcore, commercial customers in various vertical fields in China can Convenient access to IPU systems and solutions, so as to help customers quickly apply IPU technology to products and projects, and win market opportunities.”

According to the general agent agreement signed by the two parties, Digital China has officially obtained the general agent qualification of Graphcore products, and will build a three-dimensional distribution channel network covering various regions and cities at all levels and vertical market segments for Graphcore in China. Provide sales assistance and related services for IPU system products and solutions. The product range of the agent is a full line of IPU products mainly based on IPU systems and solutions. Since then, Graphcore can quickly respond to and meet the purchasing needs of customers across the country through distributors at all levels across the country, and deliver IPU systems and services faster.

The size and complexity of AI models are increasing exponentially with the rapid increase in application demand, but machine intelligence innovators often have to adopt traditional processor architectures, and a brand new processor will be needed in the future to remove the shackles of innovation . And completely different from today’s CPUs and GPUs, IPUs (Intelligent Processors) are processors designed by Graphcore from scratch for machine intelligence workloads, specifically for computing power-intensive machine learning and deep learning tasks, and can be used for training today Achieving stunning performance on machine intelligence models for inference and inference.

Through this contract, the products of the general agent of Digital China are the IPU systems built on the second generation IPUs that can be extended to super-large scales. level. Each IPU-M2000 provides 1 petaFLOPS of AI computing and up to 450GB of Exchange-Memory™ in a slim 1U form factor for the most demanding machine intelligence workloads. The current main IPU systems include:

  • IPU-POD4 DA (Direct Attach)

A complete AI computing system out of the box, ready for installation in a data center. 1 IPU-M2000 backed by a host server provides powerful 1 petaFLOPS of AI compute in an affordable, compact 2U system for both training and inference workloads.


Graphcore is the ideal platform for innovators to explore, innovate and develop. 4 IPU-M2000s backed by a host server provide powerful 4 petaFLOPS of AI computation in an affordable, compact 5U system that can be used for both training and inference.

  • IPU-POD64

The IPU-POD64 is Graphcore’s unique solution for massive, decentralized scale-out to scale high-performance machine intelligence computing to supercomputing scale. It seamlessly scales up to 64,000 IPUs that can handle multiple machine intelligence workloads either as a whole or as independent subdivisions.

Lu Tao, Senior Vice President and General Manager of China Region of Graphcore, said: “Digital China occupies a leading position in the field of IT product distribution. By jointly establishing a huge and three-dimensional distribution channel network with Digital China, Graphcore can quickly meet the needs of various regions of the country. The purchase demand of customers from different vertical markets enables customers to quickly obtain IPU system products and related services.”

“This cooperation with Digital China is not only a new practice of Graphcore’s commitment to the Chinese market, but also a good start for Graphcore’s comprehensive business scenarios in China. We hope to continue to enrich the three-dimensional distribution channel network with Digital China, so that IPU technology can be used in It will play a full role in various AI application scenarios and help customers and developers solve difficult problems.” Lu Tao said.

Digital China is also an important member of Graphcore’s elite partner program, and plays an important role in Graphcore’s three-dimensional distribution channels in China. The three-dimensional sales channel of Graphcore in China, composed of sales agents at all levels, server OEM manufacturers, and cloud service manufacturers, is the basis for Graphcore to reach Chinese machine intelligence innovators and truly implement artificial intelligence industry practice.

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