High-isolation driver supports 1700V IGBTs
Recently announced by Power Integrations is the SCALE-iDriver IC family, that targets applications from 400-690 VAC, including three-level topology inverters.

Power Integrations has added to its range of dedicated IGBT drivers; in this series, it employs the FluxLink structure it also uses in its off-line switching power converters. Flux-link is in effect a single-turn transformer that is formed from the device leadframe, that is used to pass parametric data across the isolation barrier. Because the isolation gap is filled with mould material, the dielectric barrier is strong; PI says that certain qualifications are pending, only because they require a statement of the voltage at which the device fails. To date, the company has been unable to “break” the device with up to 20 kV applied.


The SCALE-iDriver family of galvanically isolated single-channel gate driver ICs supports IGBT blocking voltages up to 1700V, which are generally used in 400 VAC and 690 VAC line applications. They are also intended for the latest three-level topology photovoltaic inverters and for photovoltaic arrays making use of the new 1500V DC bus standard. The expanded 1700 V SCALE-iDriver family allows OEMs to use the same highly integrated, safe and reliable driver technology across a range of solutions.


1700 V SCALE-iDriver ICs are optimized for driving both IGBTs and MOSFETs, combine the FluxLink magneto-inductive bi-directional communications technology with its SCALE power device driver technology. FluxLink eliminates the need for unreliable opto-electronics and the associated compensation circuitry, and SCALE technology incorporates all key gate driver functions into an ASIC, reducing size and improving reliability while simplifying design. The eSOP package features greater than 9.5 mm of creepage and a CTI of 600, ensuring substantial operating voltage margin and high system reliability.