High-power-density 1200V/75A IGBT in TO-247PLUS package
Infineon has added a 1200 V discrete IGBT rated at up to 75 A. The devices are co-packed with a full rated diode in a TO-247PLUS package; in 3pin and 4pin versions these packages serve the growing demand for higher power density and highest efficiency in discrete packages.

Compared to a regular TO-247-3 package, the TO-247PLUS package can provide double current rating. Due to the removal of the mounting hole from the standard TO-247 package, the PLUS package has a larger lead frame area and thus can accommodate bigger IGBT chips, so that 75A 1200V co-packed IGBTs with the same small footprint are available for the first time. The larger lead frame provides a lower thermal resistance of the TO-247PLUS package, leading to an improved heat dissipation capability.


For designers looking to improve the switching losses, the TO-247PLUS 4pin package features an extra Kelvin emitter source pin. This allows for an ultra-low inductance gate-emitter control loop and reduces the total switching losses E(ts) by more than 20%. These IGBTs can be used to increase the system power density and/or reduce the number of power devices used in parallel, increase system efficiency or improve system thermal conditions.


Typical applications with a blocking voltage of 1200V requiring high power density are drives, photovoltaic, and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). Additional applications comprise battery charging and energy storage systems.


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