High-speed IGBT/MOSFET gate drive photocoupler improves efficiency in inverter circuits
Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) has launched an ultra-compact, high-speed, high-current gate drive photo-IC, that can directly drive middle capacity IGBTs or power MOSFETs in an extended operating temperature range of -40 to 125 °C.

With a maximum delay time of 200 ns and a transmission delay time difference (PDD) between different devices of only 90 ns, the new TLP352 can help designers to reduce dead time and to improve efficiency of inverter circuits. A low maximum input current of 5 mA minimises power consumption.

The TLP352 IGBT/MOSFET gate drive photocoupler offers a peak output current of ±2.5 A and a minimum Isolation Voltage of 3750 Vrms. Target applications will include AC servo amplifiers, industrial control, domestic solar power systems, digital home appliances, measurement equipment and induction heating products.