IGBT gate-drive modules for 4.5 kV applications
Gate drivers introduced by Power Integrations are applicable to a wide range of IGBT modules; the 1SP0350V SCALE-2 single-channel +15/-10 V plug-and-play gate driver is suited to high-reliability applications in the HVDC and railway industries, safely driving 4500 V Press-Pack IGBTs and IEGTs as well as other IGBT and IEGT form factors.

Power Integrations acquired Swiss IGBT-driver maker CT-Concept; this development is out of that product line and features Power Integrations’ SCALE-2 chipset; the new driver is equipped with Dynamic Advanced Active Clamping (DAAC), short-circuit protection, a built in DC-DC converter, regulated turn-on gate drive voltage, DC-DC overload monitoring and supply voltage monitoring.


The driver is not tied to any specific IGBT package style nor to a gate resistor configuration. This flexibility allows designers to trial a variety of IGBT modules during development with confidence that the 1SP0350V SCALE-2 plug-and-play gate driver will function optimally. Plug-and-play capability facilitates commissioning and allows immediate operation after installation. The highly integrated SCALE-2 chipset reduces component count by as much as 85% compared with conventional solutions, significantly increasing reliability.


The drivers meet creepage and clearance specifications according to IEC standards (IEC61800-5-1). 1SP0350V SCALE-2 IGBT drivers are priced at $190 (1,000)