Infineon grows SiC device family, adds first full-SiC power module
Infineon‘s Dr. Peter Wawer, Division President Industrial Power Control, declares that “Silicon carbide has reached a tipping point” – while it (likely, always) will be more expensive per-device than silicon, the system level benefits of lower size and weight through higher-frequency switching mean that SiC-based designs are now economically attractive in suitable higher-power applications.

Infineon is starting volume production for the EASY 1B, its first full-SiC module; and has disclosed additional module platforms and topologies for the 1200V CoolSiC MOSFET family. The new 1200V SiC MOSFETs have been optimized to combine high reliability with performance. They show dynamic losses which are an order of magnitude lower than 1200V silicon (Si) IGBTs. First products will initially support upcoming system challenges in applications such as photovoltaic inverters, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and charging/storage systems, with industrial drives, medical technology or auxiliary power supplies in the railway sector in the near future.


One major advantage of the trench technology with the 1200V SiC MOSEFT lies in an extended robustness. This is due to the lower failure in time (FIT) rate and the short-circuit capability, which can be adapted to the respective application. Thanks to a threshold voltage (Vth) of 4V and the recommended switch-on threshold (V GS) of +15V, the transistors can be controlled like an IGBT and safely switched off in the event of a fault. The SiC MOSFETs enable very fast switching transients. In addition, Infineon’s technology offers adjustability of the transients via gate series resistors to optimise EMC behaviour.


SiC-based modules comprise;

– EASY 1B with B6 (Six-Pack) topology: the module uses Infineon’s module configuration with an on-resistance (R DS(ON)) of 45 mΩ. An integrated body diode ensures a low-loss freewheeling function. The EASY 1B is suitable for applications in the fields of drives, solar or welding technology.

– EASY 2B with Half-Bridge topology: this larger EASY device offers enhanced performance with an R DS(ON) of 8 mΩ per switch. The low-inductance module concept is suitable for applications with more than 50 kW and fast switching operations. These include solar inverters, quick-charging systems or solutions for uninterruptible power supplies.