Infineon shrinks power modules for HEVs, EVs
Having gathered experience with e-car projects such as BMW’s i3, Infineon has developed a new HybridPack Power Module for automotive inverters. The HybridPack Drive complements the company’s HybridPack and HybridPack 2 product family with improvements in terms of cost and space.

Infineon’s highest priority in the development of power components is rising the switching speed for better energy efficiency, explained Carlos Castro-Serrato, Head of Application Engineering, Electric Drive Train. The HybridPack Drive module is equipped with faster-switching transistors, which translates into a 30% smaller form factor compared to the HybridPack 2 at the same performance. Small package size is particularly important for hybrid electric vehicles, since in this category the existing conventional engine occupies most of the space under the hood.

The module, which contains 24 IGBTs and 24 diodes, can handle between 50 and 100kW. While earlier HybridPack modules are equipped with screw-mounted power connections, the new module has multi-function tabs that allow faster installation – an aspect relevant for volume production. The stray inductance has been reduced from 14nH to 10nH.

The module has been showed at the recent PCIM trade fair in Nuremberg. It will become available with a couple of weeks, Castro-Serrato said.