Mersen launches silicon and SiC power reference designs
French power component developer Mersen has teamed-up with AgileSwitch and FTCAP on two high performance 3-phase SiC and IGBT power stack reference designs.

The SiC reference demonstrator has been designed using Wolfspeed SiC modules with power density value of 16kW/l for SiC 150kVA heavy-duty Electric Vehicle (EV) inverter, exceeding the US Department of Energy (DoE) 2020 roadmap. The design is built around a 3-phase, 700 VDC / 200 ARMS water-cooled converter, powered by three Wolfspeed CAS300M12BM2 modules with 20 kHz switching using AgileSwitch’s 62EM1 Gate Driver with patented Augmented Switching and advanced fault monitoring.

The IGBT reference demonstrator has been designed for Electrical Energy Storage (EES) applications using three Infineon IGBT5 .XT FF1200R12IE5 modules driven by AgileSwitch PPEM series. This allows a 700VDC / 850 ARMS converter design operating at 8kHz that delivers up to 750 kVA at 25kW/L.

While the latest IGBT and SiC devices are a benefit for inverter or power stack designers who can increase the overall system efficiency, it brings some new challenges on the cooling, busbar, gate driver and capacitor sides. Essentially these surrounding devices define the overall inverter dimensions and ultimately the final power density value.