At the press conference on the development of the industrial communications industry for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China on September 20, Miao Wei, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, said in an answer to a reporter’s question that if mobile phones can truly reflect 5G performance, they must rely on independently established 5G The network, not the NSA based on the 4G core network, is a non-independent networking product.

Miao Wei said frankly that I am still using a 4G mobile phone, and there are 11 5G mobile phones commercially released in the Chinese market. Although there are 11 mobile phones, most of them are non-standalone. For mobile phones to truly reflect 5G performance, they must rely on an independent 5G network, not the NSA based on the 4G core network, which is a non-independent networking product. Now the only mobile phone compatible with NSA and SA is Huawei, because it involves many factors such as chips and operating systems. We have learned that the networks promoted by various places are basically 5G applications of non-independent networking. Only by next year will we be able to formally deploy a 5G network with independent networking on a large scale.


Miao Wei said that as for the application of 5G, I think it is the distribution of the “28 laws”. For the majority of users, 4G mobile phones are enough, not only for making calls and texting, but also for surfing the Internet and watching videos. Of course, for a small number of special users, such as young people engaged in e-sports and large-scale mobile games, the current 4G network may not be able to meet their needs, but it is only a high-end application involving a small number of people, so 4G is enough for most applications. . 80% of the real application scenarios of 5G should be used in the industrial Internet field. I think 5G is most looking forward to this field.

Miao Wei pointed out that in the field of Internet of Vehicles, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Public Security have reached a consensus to promote the development of Internet of Vehicles. It can be achieved by 5G, and this is also our country’s unique institutional advantage and market advantage.

In terms of telemedicine, 5G will enable applications in remote monitoring and remote diagnosis. We learned that some places in the previous stage also tested AI+5G for remote heart surgery, and it was successful, which is also a demonstration.

In the field of media, a few days ago, Beijing held the World Cup of basketball. In the 9 live broadcasts of the World Cup, we all used 5G+8K technology for broadcast. Ultra-high-definition communication channel, as well as two communication channels for high-speed cameras, China Telecom, China Unicom, and China Mobile have all participated in this broadcast. Many domestic basic enterprises, such as Huawei, ZTE, Datang, etc., have extensively participated in the broadcast. During the broadcast, there were no major stoppages, major freezes, or major signal interruptions. It was very smooth, and the large screen outside the venue was released for the masses for free. Everyone had a feeling of being there. We also broadcast musicals before this, and we have high-fidelity audio in addition to video, and we have achieved these aspects.

In the end, Miao Wei said that all the efforts we have made are to prepare for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. At that time, although most people cannot go to the scene to watch, we also expect to have the same feeling as the scene, and even have Better experience than live, if the seat you bought is not very good, it may be better to watch in front of the TV than live. In the future, there will be more high-reliability, low-latency, and massive machine connection application requirements that will rely on 5G, especially the independent 5G network, to realize it, so as to finally realize the goal of 5G changing society.

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