Mini IPMs deliver higher efficiency in low power motor drives
Global energy efficiency standards often prohibit manufacturers from importing or selling products that do not meet these standards, for instance because their efficiency is too low. In order to comply with specific minimum requirements, energy losses must be reduced by using the latest technology. In this field, Infineon Technologies has a new offer.

Infineon has introduced the IM512 and IM513 series of the CIPOS Mini family. The products are the first high efficient IPMs (intelligent power modules) that integrate CoolMOS MOSFETs for excellent Electronic performance. The new IM51x IPMs help in optimizing power efficiency in applications such as compressors, pumps or fans for  home appliances .

Compared to conventional IGBT IPMs, CoolMOS based CIPOS Mini IPMs can offer significant lower conducting and switching losses. The IM51x series are designed to drive motors up to 600 W. They are especially suitable when a system often operates under light load conditions. Customers can save system cost from reduced total power consumption that enables reduced material cost while maintaining overall efficiency. The IM5x offer low on-resistance of 310 mΩ and a current rating of 10 A at 25°C, with a breakdown voltage of 600 V.

They are available in either full-bridge (IM512) or 3-phase (IM513) inverter configuration. A built-in UL certified NTC thermistor for temperature monitoring, under-voltage lock-out (UVLO), and over-current protection features (OCP) further enhance the system reliability. The IM51x series also integrate bootstrap diodes to simplify PCB layout. The CIPOS Mini CoolMOS family is specified for a maximum operating junction temperature of up to 150°C, it features an isolation of up to 2,000 Vrms/min.

The new CIPOS Mini IM51x series are available in volume production. They will be showcased at PCIM 2018. More information is available at  .