Miniature photocouplers drive IGBTs and MOSFETs at extended temperatures
Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) has launched two ultra-miniature IGBT/MOSFET Gate drive photocouplers that claims to offer guaranteed performance at temperatures ranging from -40 to 125°C.

The TLP700H and TLP701H are supplied in SDIP6 packaging and are designed to directly drive IGBTs and power MOSFETs without the need for additional components. Target applications include digital consumer products, test and measurement equipment, industrial control systems and induction heating.
Maximum peak output current ratings are ±2.0 A for the TLP700H and ±0.6 A for the TLP701H. Despite their size (mounting area is just half that of a DIP8 package) each device offers a minimum withstand voltage of 5000 Vrms . This allows designers to address the re-inforced isolation requirements demanded for international safety certification.
The new TLP700H and TLP701H couplers feature buffer logic type totem pole outputs and incorporate internal noise shields to provide minimum guaranteed common mode transient immunities of ±20 kV/µs and ±15 kV/µs respectively. Low maximum supply currents — 3 mA for the TLP700H and 2 mA in the case of the TLP701H — help to keep power consumption to a minimum.
With wide power supply input ranges of 15 V to 30 V (TLP700H) and 10 V to 30 V (TLP701H) the couplers enhance design flexibility and lower component count by minimising the need for power conversion circuitry. Respective maximum switching times of 500 ns and 700 ns ensure that the devices meet the IGBT/MOSFET drive performance demands of a wide variety of target applications.
Both of the photocouplers comprise Toshiba’s latest GaAlAs infrared LED technology, coupled to a high-speed photodetector IC. The SDIP6 package has a height of just 4.0 mm and a board mounting footprint of only 9.7 x 4.58 mm.