Motor control modules use latest IGBTs, add integrated functions
Vincotech (Unterhaching, Germany) has added six products families to its range of module-based solutions for power electronics, that are based on 7th-generation IGBT M7 chips.

Featuring sixpack, PIM and half-bridge topologies, these modules increase performance and provide multiple sourcing to minimize supply chain risks. Featuring new ultra-thin wafer processing technology and optimized cell design, IGBT M7 (7th-gen Mitsubishi) chips achieve very low VCEsat to reduce static losses by 20%. With the latest RFC (relaxed field of cathode) diodes and suppressed snap-off recovery, engineers will find it simpler to optimize an inverter’s EMC and cut overall system costs. The IGBT M7 chips are housed in the industry standard flow, MiniSKiiP, and the new VINco E3, packages. These modules are designed to enable manufacturers in the motion control market to design with flexible, scalable inverters. This initial release is for 1200V applications with a current range of 75A to 690A. Modules for currents ranging below 75A will follow.