According to a report from China’s Taiwan Economic Daily, on December 29, Wu Zhixiang, the deputy general manager of Nanya of DRAM, said that the overall market conditions are still good. Nanya’s self-developed 10-nanometer process will be introduced into mass production in 2022. The legal person is optimistic that the new process of Nan Yake will start mass production, and the output per unit of wafer will increase accordingly, which will help reduce costs.

According to the report, in view of the market outlook of the DRAM industry, Wu Zhixiang pointed out that maintaining the view that the previous legal theory would release is currently in the traditional seasonal short-term correction period, but in fact, it seems that the current DRAM demand situation is still good, and the company is not in the DRAM market outlook. pessimistic.

In addition, DDR5 products that can reduce energy consumption and voltage can be reduced by about 16% to 35% based on general power. It is a product that has increased speed and reduced power consumption, and is beneficial to the environment.

According to the report, Nanya Branch is still in the trial production stage, and with the advancement of platform products, it is expected that the market will gradually see demand for DDR5 in the second half of 2022 or 2023.

According to reports, Wu Zhixiang believes that Nanya, as the world’s fourth-largest DRAM brand company, is optimistic that DRAM is an important key component of Electronic products in the smart era, which is widely used in smart phones, personal computers, servers, cloud data centers and other fields.

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