Now #2 in power, On Semi aims for Infineon
The acquisition of Fairchild catapults On semiconductor to the #2 player in power. Nick Flaherty talks to Bill Hall, Executive Vice President of the newly formed Power Solution Group, and Asif Jakwani, General Manager, High Power Division, on what the deal means for the power industry.

The recent $2.4bn acquisition of Fairchild semiconductor marked the end of the company’s second life as a power company as the company has been divided up by ON Semi. This has created a major player in power that is looking to take on market leader Infineon Technologies.

Now #2 in power, On Semi aims for Infineon

“What we think we have done is gone from a nobody in power to a strong number two so we changed the name of the group as 75% of it is now power, that’s $1.7bn,” said Bill Hall, Executive Vice President of the Power Solution Group. “We have about half of ON Semi’s revenue and that gives ON Semi a different meaning to our customers and the market.”  

“We are the centre of the universe with the power switching so when a designer starts the project they look at what devices they need to use and build the rest of the stuff around it,” he said. ”For example, a laptop maker wanting the best in class product starts with the battery and moves to the adaptor to make the adaptor small and add a battery so they have extra space for the rest of the design.”   

Fittingly for a deal around Fairchild Semiconductor, there is a lot of industry history. “I’m an ex-Fairchild guy and so is our CEO Keith Jackson – we worked together there in the 1980s. There was no better fit to what ON Semi already had, so from a business standpoint it made total sense – yes we have friends there and history there but it was business led.”