NXP spinout Nexperia upgrades UK fab as part of power expansion
Nexperia, the standard logic and power spinoff from NXP, is upgrading its UK chip fab from 6in to 8in wafers as part of an expansion of its manufacturing capacity.

“This business is capacity constrained and we need to invest in factories and we believe we can grow much faster than the market,” said Frans Scheper, GM of NXP’s standard products and very soon to be the CEO of Nexperia. “We are the standard products powerhouse and everything we did in the past as NXP we will give business continuity – our customers demand that. We started this business in 1953 and our oldest products are from the 1970s and still in our portfolio, and we have about 10,000 product types from 0.1 cents to 75 cents. ”

The UK plant at Hazel Grove in Manchester is one of two fabs at the company, with the Hamburg plant already being upgraded. There are three back end plants in China, Malaysia dn the Philippines. The company is looking at buying another fab to expand its capacity, says Scheper. “We are expanding Hamburg – we have converted to 8in and are going further and we have a dual source with Manchester, but it doesn’t make sense to go to 12in wafers. We certainly won’t be building a new fab.”

Power devices are a key part of the strategy, including a potential move to the gallium nitride technology which has been . “We will expand with more high voltage PowerMOS devices and more configurable logic,” he said. “Silicon is absolutely our base but we are looking at GaN on silicon, that’s an area we are definitely interested in, but to industrialise GaN is not a piece of case – to do it in mass production with a cost point is a challenge.”

Neperia could also get into the IGBT market. “IGBT is a market I like but it’s a very existing market – if we do that we would buy a portfolio,” he said.