Optocouplers offer 14.5mm of creepage distance for up to 7500 Vrms of isolation
MSC now offers the PS9924 and PS9905 optocouplers from Renesas Electronics, two devices housed in a novel 8-pin Long Shrink Dual In-line Package (LSDIP), featuring an extra-long creepage distance of 14.5mm minimum and an isolation voltage of 7500 Vrms.

The PS9924 high-speed optocoupler is designed for an extended temperature range from ‑40°C to +110°C and incorporates an open collector output. The device operates with a supply voltage from 2.7 V to 5.5 V. Thanks to maximum propagation delay times of 75 ns at 25°C and typical values of 40 ns, a maximum communication bandwidth of 10 MBit/s can be achieved. Furthermore, the PS9924 features a high common-mode transient rejection of minimum 15 kV/µs and typical values of 20kV/µs, and a current consumption of only 2mA.

The PS9905 is an optically coupled IGBT driver with a galvanic isolated Gallium-Aluminum-Arsenic (GaAlAs) LED at the input side and a photo diode with signal processing circuitry and power amplifier at the output side. This not only allows high switching speeds but also up to 2.5 A output current. The maximum propagation delay time (tPLH or tPHL) of 0.15 µs is guaranteed over the complete operating temperature range from -40°C to +110°C. The high common-mode transient rejection of minimum 25 kV/µs allows an error-free transmission of the control signals through the isolation layer. Both the PS9924 high-speed optocoupler and the PS9905 IGBT driver comply with international safety standards such as UL, CSA, and VDE (optional). Therefore, they are suitable for almost unrestricted use in harsh industrial environments such as motor controls, measuring instruments and factory automation.