Performance monitoring solution cuts development costs of high power IGBT module systems
UK-based power conversion specialist Amantys has launched the Amantys Power Insight Adapter, which is a performance monitoring solution designed to enable companies to monitor high power IGBT module systems in locomotive, wind turbine, High Voltage DC and industrial drive applications.

The Power Insight Adapter has been designed by Cambridge-based Amantys for use during the development and commissioning of new power systems, allowing engineers to observe and analyze critical parameters such as temperature and voltage and to use the data to improve overall switching performance to cut design cycle times.

By adding an Amantys drive and adapter to an existing system that is suffering performance difficulties an engineer is able to observe and diagnose fault and failure events in order to identify a solution to the problem much more quickly.

The Power Insight Adapter is designed to sit between the host control system and the IGBT module and interfaces with the IGBT gate driver to export key switching performance parameters from the heart of the power system.

By combining the Power Insight Adapter with an Amantys Power Drive to control IGBT Modules shorter design times can be achieved and the need for costly re-engineering is reduced.

The Adapter unit receives Power Insight signals from the IGBT Gate Driver over the PWM isolation interface to allow the host system to observe power switching performance in real-time and respond to changes in operation, environment, or to monitor faults that may occur.

Using the Adapter Amantys Power Insight data can be exported externally for future analysis which will enable accurate fault diagnosis and enhance performance optimization.  The Adapter, which enables standalone evaluation of gate drives with Amantys Power Insight, also allows users to program warning limits, alarms and gate drive resistors from a PC environment.  The Adapter unit helps those with no Ethernet connection to store Amantys Power Insight data on an SD card for further analysis.