Performance monitoring solution helps provide intelligent control of high power systems
A performance monitoring solution designed to enable companies to monitor high power IGBT module systems in locomotive, wind turbine, High Voltage DC and industrial drive applications was unveiled this month by UK-based power conversion start-up Amantys. Paul Buckley of EE Times Europe talks to Erwin Wolf the new CEO of Amantys and Richard Ord the marketing director for Amantys about what the future holds for the innovative Cambridge-based power conversion specialist.

Amantys is a privately-funded power products company which is looking to change the way power is converted in medium and high voltage applications. The company is targeting a market worth $3 billion per year which is estimated to be growing by 10% annually.

eeNews Europe:  What is your new role at Amantys and what experience are you bringing to a start-up company that is looking to grow its business?

Performance monitoring solution helps provide intelligent control of high power systemsErwin Wolf: I have been the CEO of Amantys since the 1st October 2013. However, I have been a non-executive director of Amantys for two years so I am aware at a higher level of what is going on at the company.  I have two areas I have specialized in during my long career. One of those is LED technologies and the other area has involved power semiconductors and I always switch from one to the other having had several CEO or general manager roles in companies like Osram, Siemens and Infineon. Before I joined Amantys I was CEO of Azzuro Semiconductors doing gallium nitride on silicon (GaN-on-Si) substrates for power semiconductors as well as LEDs.

eeNews Europe: Can you provide some background on Amantys?

Erwin Wolf: Amantys was started in 2010 at Cambridge in the UK and currently has 30 employees but we have recently set up a new technical office in Shanghai, China in order to support our customers there. We have three distributors in China.