Reverse conducting IGBT portfolio claims industry’s best-in-class efficiency and highest reliability
Infineon Technologies has expanded the company’s portfolio of the 3rd generation Reverse Conducting (RC) Soft Switching IGBT introducing 1200 V and 1350 V devices in 30 A and 40 A to respond to the growing demand for higher reliability.

Infineon has a strong record in resonant switching IGBT technologies well-suited for induction cooking applications. The 3rd generation of IGBT was optimized for lower switching and conduction losses and provides best-in-class efficiency in 1100 V, 1200 V and 1350 V.

The new generation provides more than 20 percent lower switching losses resulting in a 5K case temperature reduction during application tests in comparison to the 2nd generation RC IGBT from Infineon. Lower switching losses reduce the thermal stress on the device and lead to longer lifetime and higher reliability. High efficiency, excellent thermal performance and EMI behavior, due to soft switching operation, make it the best suited IGBT on the market for induction cooking, solar and other resonant switching applications.

The portfolio extension of 30 A and 40 A in 1350 V addresses the need of designers to have devices with higher breakthrough voltage and current withstand capabilities, which allow for the development of higher power rated designs in single-end topologies, for example up to 3.6k W.

Additionally, the 30 A and 40 A devices with 1350 V breakthrough voltage enable the extension of the safe operating area (SOA) and higher over-current rating during surge conditions, which gives designers enhanced robustness and reliability.

The comprehensive product portfolio in 15/20/30/40 A in 1200 V and 1350 V allows designers to choose the IGBT with the best-in-class efficiency and optimal features for their specific application. Flexibility of design in combination with the highest performance streamlines the development process and leads to shorter development time.