RS Components adds Isabellenhütte precision power resistors
Distributor RS Components has introduced the Isabellenhütte portfolio of high-precision, low-ohmic current-sense resistors.

Produced using two different proprietary manufacturing technologies known as ISA-Plan and ISA-Weld, Isabellenhütte’s current-sense resistors meet stringent criteria with regard to thermoelectric voltage, long-term stability and inductance that allow electronics designers to optimise power use on PCBs more efficiently than otherwise possible. RS claims to be the first high-service-level distributor to offer Isabellenhütte products, including over 200 SMD power resistor specifications. The power resistors are widely used in automotive applications such as battery management in electric, hybrid and conventional vehicles, ABS (anti-lock braking systems), ASR (anti-slip regulation), cruise control, power steering, fuel injection and traction control systems. They are also found in power supplies, as shunts for energy meters and IGBT (insulated-gate bipolar Transistor) power modules, and in various industrial, telecommunications and consumer applications.