On October 11, Xiamen Haichen New Energy’s lithium battery intelligent manufacturing production line was officially put into operation. The first batch of 280Ah lithium iron phosphate energy storage cells will be delivered at the end of the month, opening a new chapter for Haichen New Energy’s development in the energy storage industry.

Safety energy storage core selected Haichen, Xiamen Haichen New Energy officially put into production

Haichen New Energy was established in Xiamen in 2019, specializing in the research and development, production and sales of lithium battery core materials, lithium iron phosphate energy storage batteries and systems, with a planned production capacity of 45GWh.

Haichen New Energy has more than 300 core engineers, with large-scale lithium battery manufacturing experience and long-term stable output capabilities. At present, the lithium battery production line that has entered the production stage is the industry leader built by Haichen, covering all production links and realizing a highly automated and intelligent production line. Among them, the L5 cable is introduced into the new MES intelligent system, and the integrated data collection channels (RFID, PLC, IPC, PC, etc.) cover the entire factory manufacturing site, ensuring real-time, accurate and comprehensive collection of big data, and multi-dimensional guarantees for product stability, Consistency, service and help customers build safe and reliable energy storage systems.

After the production line is put into operation, the previous product orders will be quickly digested and deliveries will be completed one after another. According to the company’s overall strategic plan, the production capacity will be gradually released to 15GWh after the acceptance of the existing Phase II lithium battery research and development and intelligent manufacturing projects. The third-phase lithium battery project has a production capacity of 30GWh and will be fully constructed in 2023.

Safety energy storage core selected Haichen, Xiamen Haichen New Energy officially put into production

It is reported that the first batch of products to be rolled off the production line and delivered are 280Ah energy storage cells with high safety, long life and high efficiency as their core advantages. Its cycle life is 10,000 times, which is at the leading technical level in the industry. At the same time, the energy efficiency of the cells exceeds 95%. Not only did it perform well in safety tests such as thermal runaway, overcharge, short circuit, and extrusion, Haichen 280Ah cells also passed the extremely severe acupuncture test, and they did not catch fire, explode or even emit smoke. This battery cell has obtained many domestic and foreign product standard certifications such as GB/T-36276, IEC 62619, UL 1973 and so on.

Safety energy storage core selected Haichen, Xiamen Haichen New Energy officially put into production

Safe and efficient Haichen 280Ah energy storage battery

Safety energy storage core selected Haichen, Xiamen Haichen New Energy officially put into production

Safety energy storage core selected Haichen, Xiamen Haichen New Energy officially put into production

Safety Test Needle Punch, Squeeze

Safety is the bottom line of Haichen New Energy. When thinking about battery safety, the company penetrates the safety concept into every link of research and development, production, testing, use, etc., to ensure that every battery cell provided is safe and reliable. Among them, advanced technology is an important guarantee for product safety. Haichen New Energy has attached great importance to innovative research and development since its inception, and now has a research and development team of about 400 people with mature lithium battery technology. As of October this year, the company has applied for more than 800 intellectual property rights for the core technology of lithium batteries, and has continued to achieve breakthroughs in the fields of lithium battery basic materials, technology research and development, and intelligent manufacturing, and has continued to add weight to safe energy storage technologies.

The extremely safe energy storage cells have made Haichen New Energy highly recognized by well-known energy companies at home and abroad. At present, Haichen New Energy has successively signed strategic cooperation with Shandong Power Construction, Hebei Construction Investment, Zhonghe Energy, etc., and will carry out various cooperation models in the energy storage industry to provide partners with leading energy storage technical support and energy storage products. .

Under the guidance of the national “3060” dual-carbon strategic goal, Haichen New Energy focuses on the energy storage market, deploys energy storage scenarios on the power supply side, power transmission and distribution and user side in advance, and continuously enriches energy storage battery products. 50Ah/100Ah/280Ah and other diversified battery products. In addition, the company also provides battery modules, battery clusters and containerized energy storage products, as well as high-efficiency energy storage system solutions to fully meet customer needs.

Relying on the company’s R&D and manufacturing strength and the ultimate energy storage product layout, Haichen New Energy will play the role of the industry’s safe energy storage vanguard, continue to introduce more secure and efficient energy storage solutions, and contribute to the achievement of the “dual carbon” goal. corporate power.

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