Siemens shows 300kW fully autonomous robot fast charger
Siemens is working with Einride in Sweden on a fully automated 300kW charging system for a wide range of electric vehicles.

Siemens has developed an autonomous fast charger for a wide range of electric vehicles.

The Siemens Autonomous Charging System enables the fully automated charging of electric vehicles from sports cars to long-haul trucks.

The prototype was shown for the first time at the IAA Mobility show in Munich and has a charging capacity of up to 300kW and will be increased to over 1 MW in a further development stage. An automated system is necessary at the 1MW power level for larger trucks with a higher battery capacity as the charging cables are too heavy for people to plug in by themselves. Siemens sees other applications for the new charging system, particularly for disabled people who cannot handle the charging cables.