Surge suppression portfolio in distribution
RS Components (RS) is now stocking a large portfolio of TVS Flat surge suppression devices manufactured by STMicroelectronics.

The ST portfolio of Electrical Over-Stress (EOS) TVS Flat devices is designed to handle 8/20µs and 10/1000µs voltage transients and protect circuits and equipment from power surges in industrial and automotive grade designs.

Delivering a lower cost per watt ratio, the portfolio of TVS Flat package variants are only 1mm thick and footprint compatible with standard surface-mount devices including SMA (400 and 600W types) and SMB (600W) style packages. The components are suited for thin designs such as motor control, power tools, e-bikes and telecommunications, as well as consumer devices or equipment such as hard-disk drives. The surge suppression range is also used for DC line, MOSFET and IGBT protection circuits.

The TVS Flat range enables design engineers to deliver the same level of protection and save costs by using, for example, a smaller 600W SMA Flat device rather than a larger standard SMB style component. Both SMA Flat and SMB Flat devices are able to manage 600W. This means these devices can be a serious alternative for designers in a wide range of applications including solar inverters and industrial control applications.

The increased power density supports a maximum junction temperature (TJ max) of up to +175°C, meeting or exceeding international standards to protect sensitive equipment against EOS and electrostatic discharges (ESD).

The ST TVS Flat package portfolio is shipping now from RS in the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions.