The application of ITECH DC power supply in the field of artificial intelligence

The application of ITECH DC power supply in the field of artificial intelligence

Introduction: Intelligent inspection robots and intelligent sorting robots have gradually replaced manual tasks in production line logistics. The working circuits of robots are more complex, including mechanical drive circuits, sensor circuits, communication circuits, power circuits, etc., and each The circuit also contains a large number of IC chips to perform functions such as logic control and data analysis. The performance of these chips directly determines the efficiency and reliability of the robot’s work. Many IC chips often have power pins as level control. The input or enable signal, input voltage or power are high or low according to the condition of the components. For most IC chips, especially IC chips applied to sensor circuits and logic control operations, the requirements of the working environment are very strict. For the power supply that provides these signals for IC chips, high speed and high precision are often essential factors.

ITECH provides solutions for IC testing according to the testing needs of the industry

Requirement 1: Test of quiescent current

Under a certain voltage, let the IC be in a state of no load and no oscillation, connect one end of the ammeter to the positive pole of the power supply, and the other end to the VDD pin of the IC. The reading of the ammeter is the quiescent current of the IC.

Test pattern one

Requirement 2: Test of drive current

Under a certain voltage, replace the load of the IC with an adjustable resistor to allow the IC to work normally. When the output port has output, adjust the resistance of the adjustable resistor to make the level of the IC output meet the test requirements.

Test pattern two

For the above test requirements, according to the voltage specification requirements and accuracy requirements, a suitable DC power supply is recommended, such as IT6400 bipolar power supply; IT6100 high-speed and high-precision power supply; among which IT6400 bipolar power supply is as high as na-level accuracy. Quiescent current can be tested

To sum up: IC chip testing is often inseparable from a high-precision and high-speed power supply. As a world-leading power supply testing solution provider, ITECH plays an important role in the performance testing of the robot’s internal energy supply system and power devices , whether it is used as an enabling power supply to test robot sensor circuits or IC chip components, or the ITS9500 power supply test system to test the power supply conditions of robot power supply circuits, or the test requirements of various power levels, ITECH can rely on High-quality and high-precision test solutions, escort engineers’ R&D and production, and truly realize “china made”

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