The first leading member meeting of the Intellectual Property Working Committee of the Internet Society of China was held in Beijing

On December 30, 2020, the first leading member meeting and project initiation seminar of the Internet Society of China Intellectual Property Working Committee (hereinafter referred to as the “Working Committee”) was held in Beijing. Representatives from 18 vice-chairman units including China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, Huawei, Sogou, ByteDance, China Search, iFLYTEK (42.750, 0.70, 1.66%), and Meituan and representatives from Peking University, Wuhan University, Xiamen University More than 10 expert consultants from colleges and universities attended the meeting simultaneously online and offline. The meeting was presided over by Su Chi, chairman of the working committee.

The first leading member meeting of the Intellectual Property Working Committee of the Internet Society of China was held in Beijing

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Su Chi delivered a speech on the latest situation and significance of my country’s recent strategic policies for intellectual property innovation protection. He said that the issue of intellectual property rights is an important issue in the stage of high economic and social development, and it is very important to the social and economic development of the country. my country’s society and enterprises are in a critical period of rapid development. Under the background that corporate innovation has become the core competitiveness, the way of intellectual property protection is gradually shifting from passive government supervision to corporate compliance and self-discipline. As the Internet is an important field of technological innovation and the core carrier of information and data development, the protection and innovation of intellectual property rights in the Internet field will become more prominent. Actively responding to General Secretary Xi Jinping’s deployment and spirit of intellectual property protection innovation strategies in various important meetings and intensive studies, the Working Committee, as a multi-dimensional and high-quality comprehensive platform linking administration, justice, scientific research, and market, should give full play to its industry Advantages and professional influence, work together to research and solve industry difficulties and pain points, and escort China’s Internet intellectual property innovation protection.

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Afterwards, Jin Kesheng, executive director of the working committee, gave a speech, fully affirming the work of the working committee in 2020, and providing guidance for various activities such as exchanges and scientific research in 2021, with high expectations. He said that he will actively implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s concept of the rule of law and the guiding ideology of intellectual property innovation protection, make full use of the working committee’s platform and industry advantages, not be afraid of challenges, face opportunities, and continue to innovate working methods and keep pace with the times. Perspective leads the working committee to organize and carry out the New Year’s work, serve the industry and member units, build the working committee into a high-end think tank of China’s Internet intellectual property rights, and promote the development of the use and protection of intellectual property rights in the industry.

At this meeting, a lively discussion on the proposal of the 2021 working committee’s scientific research projects was launched. The meeting focused on the interpretation of various anti-monopoly compliance policy guidelines issued since September 2020, combined with the current needs of Internet companies, demonstrated the need for the application of anti-monopoly compliance rules and the establishment of self-discipline mechanisms for companies in the Internet field; It is necessary to establish a copyright transaction and sharing mechanism under the implementation of the “Copyright” Law to promote the legal adoption, reciprocal sharing and effective protection of various copyright materials. In addition, the meeting discussed recent hot topics including intellectual property protection of technological algorithm innovation in the field of artificial intelligence, and jointly promoted the implementation of the scientific research work of the working committee in the first quarter of 2021.

Intellectual Property Working Committee of Internet Society of China

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