Users of the Bluetest Reverberation Test System (RTS) can now enjoy the advantages of Rohde & Schwarz’s R&S CMX500 5G NR wireless tester in 5G FR1 MIMO over-the-air (OTA) measurement. The solution integrates R&S CMX500 into the Bluetest Flow control software, thereby providing a stable and reliable environment to measure throughput, receiver sensitivity and output power of multi-carrier devices, with throughput up to 4×4 MIMO.

Bluetest’s reverberation chamber and R&S CMX500 are powerfully combined to empower developers and manufacturers of 5G devices and terminals to perform MIMO throughput testing under actual conditions of high data rates.

Located in Gothenburg, Sweden, Bluetest specializes in reverberation chambers, such as the RTS65 for efficient OTA performance evaluation of the device under test (DUT). Unlike the radio wave test box, the reverberation room reflects the RF signal in the room to the greatest extent, creating a Rayleigh fading environment similar to real indoor and urban conditions. The relevant settings are run by Bluetest Flow software, which is an integrated test environment suitable for complex wireless solutions. It has a built-in test result database, comprehensive customization options and a mature scientific computing environment, and supports traditional and latest wireless standards, such as 5G NR.

The R&S CMX500 performs network simulation in the test plan. This is a future-oriented 5G NR test solution that allows non-independent networking and independent networking testing in FR1 and FR2. The R&S CMX500 adopts a modular design and adds 5G functions to the traditional LTE solutions, such as the complete R&S CMW500 broadband radio communication tester or the R&S CMWflexx platform.

Rohde & Schwarz has cooperated with Bluetest for many years. The two companies have been committed to integrating the R&S CMW500 tester into the Bluetest Flow software to support LTE, LTE-A and many other cellular and non-cellular wireless standards. This successful cooperation precedent led to the next step of cooperation, namely the integration of the R&S CMX500 for 5G NR FR1 measurement.

Christoph Pointner, senior vice president of Rohde & Schwarz’s wireless integrated tester business, said: “I am very pleased to continue to cooperate with Bluetest, an industry-leading partner, to provide our valuable customers with first-class 5G test solutions. For Rohde & Schwarz For Cis, this integration is the icing on the cake and can make our already very comprehensive 5G test and measurement product portfolio even better.”

Bluetest Product Manager Klas Arvidsson commented: “The R&S CMX500 and the acclaimed RTS65 or more powerful RTS85/RTS95 walk-in darkroom are combined to create an easy-to-use but powerful test setup suitable for various sizes of 5G. RF research and development of equipment, including larger IoT devices.”

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