Torex 20V N-channel MOSFETs target relays
The four XP22x series of 20V N-channel MOSFETs from Torex semiconductor are aimed at relay and switching circuits.

Torex Semiconductor has launched four series of 20V N-channel MOSFETs 

The XP22x series ranges from 0.3A to 1A with an on resistance R DS(on) of 1.3Ω @V GS =4.5V for the 0.3A MOSFETs with an R DS(on)=0.3Ω @V GS =4.5V for the 1A parts as well as high speed switching. The gate protection diode is built-in as a static protection.

The MOSFETs are aimed at applications such as relay circuits and switching circuits. 

All four series are available in a compact SOT-323-3A (2.1 x 1.25 x h0.95mm) package or a SOT-23(TO-236)(2.4 x 2.9 x h1.15mm) package.