Transfer-moulded super-mini dual in-line package power module rated up to 35A
Mitsubishi Electric has announced the Ver.6 Series transfer-moulded super-mini dual in-line package intelligent Power Module (DIPIPM), using a seventh-generation IGBT with a CSTBT structure.

Designed to reduce both power loss and the cost of inverter drive systems for motors used in air conditioners and other small-capacity motor drive applications, the module is built-in seventh-generation IGBT with CSTBT structure, which reduces VCE(sat) by 15% compared with Mitsubishi Electric’s Ver.5 series. The super-mini package has an extended current rating ranging from 10A to 35A. It features bootstrap diodes with built-in current limiting resistors. Short-circuit detection accuracy has been improved to +/-5%. Suitable for operation at 600V, the units measure 24.0×38.0×3.5m.