Vicor’s Newest 270V-28V DCM5614 Delivers 1300W at 96% Efficiency

Vicor announces the DCM5614, an isolated regulated 270V-28V DC-DC converter in a 5.6 x 1.4 x 0.3 inch VIA™ package with a rated output power of 1300W. Weighing only 178g, the DCM5614 delivers unmatched power density of up to 451W/in3, enabling advanced airborne, shipborne and unmanned aerial systems where power density, weight and efficiency are critical.

With 96% efficiency, the DCM5614 not only reduces power consumption significantly, but also dissipates heat well in the innovative planar VIA package, and can implement various thermal strategies to improve thermal performance. In addition, multiple modules can be easily paralleled to increase power, or stacked easily to increase output voltage.

Vicor’s Newest 270V-28V DCM5614 Delivers 1300W at 96% Efficiency

Available in a chassis or PCB mount package, this slim module incorporates a DC-DC converter, inrush protection, and optional analog or digital communication technology. The DCM provides low noise, fast transient response, high efficiency and high power density.

An optional secondary-side (or output stage) PMBus-compatible telemetry control interface provides access to the DCM’s internal controller configuration, fault monitoring, and other telemetry functions.

This DCM module utilizes the thermal management and power advantages of VIA packaging technology to provide highly flexible mechanical mounting options with extremely low thermal impedance on both sides. Combined with downstream regulators and PoL current multipliers, the DCM helps power system architects achieve power system solutions with excellent performance specifications and low overall cost.

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